Holiday Mini Workouts

Just keep moving

Five minute workouts

Keep moving during the holidays

Holiday exercise (or any time of the year) can be challenging to fit in during the busy days of planning, shopping, baking, and office time. I love working out, and I can creatively carve out 30 minutes to 1 hour a day. However, there are days when I can barely find 5 minutes to do anything other than work, family, and kid obligations. 

So, over time, I have done several mini-workouts that I try to incorporate into my day for those extra busy times in life. But, unfortunately, I know too many women who have the best intentions at heart, but they don’t get their workout in at the end of the day and then become frustrated

Need instruction? Download these workouts

In the spirit of the giving season, I’ve created mini-workouts to help you stay active during the holidays! I hope you will find these helpful in those crazy moments of life to still get your workout in for the day. 

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