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Wellness Reimagined provides nutritional services and counseling from a licensed, registered dietician nutritionist.  What does that mean?  A registered dietician nutritionist is an expert in health and wellness as related to nutrition.  She has been trained above and beyond a nutritionist to include a greater understanding of whole body wellness, including prevention of and treatment for health conditions through nutrition.  She has the knowledge and understanding to support individuals and families as they reach their health goals through healthy nutrition. A licensed RDN must pass a national dietician exam and then attend continuing education courses yearly to maintain that license.    

A registered dietician provides sound, factual, nutritional advice and can help you sort through the flood of information about what and how to eat.

Real Solutions.  Nutritional advice seems to be everywhere- from magazine covers to instagram.  People claim easy ways to lose weight, prevent a heart attack, get fit in a month, or sneak vegetables to your kids.  We can’t get away from this advice and sorting through it all to find what’s real and works can be an overwhelming task.  A registered dietician nutritionist separates the facts from the fiction for you.  She’ll work closely with you to understand your goals and devise a clear plan for you to reach them.  Whether you’re a young single person looking to improve your sports performance or a middle-aged mother struggling to maintain her weight and keep her family healthy,  Sherri can provide support and plans that work best for your lifestyle.  

Real Life.  Everyone is busy, and not everyone has time to spend in another meeting.  At Wellness Reimagined we understand that and offer our services in a variety of ways.  You choose how you want to work toward your nutrition goals.  Do you need the accountability of meeting in person weekly to guide you through weight loss?  Do you need help planning meals for your family with food intolerances or just picky eaters?  Maybe you don’t like to cook and need advice on heart-healthy choices for take-out.  Meetings in person, via email, or over the phone, are all options.  Menu and meal planning, grocery shopping tips, pantry stocking advice, and quick answers to your questions, are all available to you.  We work at your pace and on your schedule with a plan that is tailored just for you.

Sherri Pearson Nutritionist Bozeman
Sherri Pearson, MS, RDN

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Sherri Pearson and family in Bozeman, MT

About Sherri Pearson, MS, RDN

Sherri is passionate about teaching people how to fit healthy choices into their lives.  She believes in preventing medical conditions through healthy nutrition and exercise.  She is a parent and understands the difficult balancing act that happens between work, family, and wellness goals.  

Sherri believes in helping others stop the endless cycle of diets which rely on counting calories, points, or eating only certain foods.  She helps clients learn to make healthy choices, while understanding they have a life to be lived and enjoyed!  

Sherri is also an experienced nutritional coach and trainer.  She has been a masters swim coach and completed two Iron Man races- while being a mom to young children.  She is organized, motivated, honest, friendly, and not judgmental.  Nutritional advice often involves a personal journey through your past to understand why your relationship with food is what it is.  Sherri will guide you on that journey in a confidential, safe manner.  She is both a listener and coach to help you understand how to move forward and find solutions.  

Sherri’s dietician, nutritionist and wellness credentials and memberships include the following:

Master’s Degree in Health and Human Development with an emphasis on Exercise and Nutrition from Montana State University

Registered Dietician Nutritionist (RDN) certification through the Commission on Dietetic Registration, and Licensed in the state of Montana

Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Member

SCAN- Sports Cardiovascular and Wellness Nutrition member 

SCAN’s mission is to “optimize health and human performance through the integration of nutrition with sports, physical activity, cardiovascular health, and well-being.”  

USAT- USA Triathlon member

USAT’s mission is “to grow, inspire and support the triathlon community.”

USMS- USA Masters Swimming member

          Weekly coach for Bozeman area Masters swmmers (anyone over age 19)

Gallatin College Adjunct Faculty

          Basic Human Nutrition Instructor


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