Imagine Optimizing Fitness and Wellness through Nutrition 

You Don’t Have to Imagine Anymore


Are you constantly working out with no improvements in performance?


Are you experiencing sudden weight gain, loss of sleep and low energy?


Are you frustrated that what used to work for you doesn’t anymore?

Imagine Your Best Self
Wellness Reimagined Can Make it Real

Wondering if Wellness Reimagined is for you?

If you are active…

If you are motivated…
If you are confused about nutrition…
If you are busy…
Then, YES! Let’s chat! A free no obligation 30-minute call to get some of your questions answered and see if we are right for you.
If you are interested in a crash diet and the latest nutrition fad just to be skinny, then NO, we are not for you. 

Wellness Reimagined Provides the Nutrition Coaching You Need To Enjoy Your Active Life to its Fullest

Here’s How It Works…

1. From Confused to Clear 

Schedule your free session!

In just one free session with Sherri, you will gain clarity about your optimum nutrition

2. From Famished to Fueled  

Get your nutrition plan

Sherri will consult with you to prepare a plan made only for you

3.  From Lagging Behind to Leading the Way 

Start living your best life

You will have control over your nutrition and fitness, realize better performance, more energy and less fatigue

What People Are Saying…



As an athletic post-menopausal 58-year-old, I was struggling with food choices for daily life and an upcoming race. Sherri helped me figure out what and when to eat–race day was great and I’m so happy that my body is working “for me” again!  L. R

Here’s Your Pathway to Success

Step 1

  • Schedule a free 30 minute meeting to see if Wellness Reimagined is for you
  • Meeting via Zoom, phone call or in-person

Step 2

  • If WR is for you, I will work with you to figure out a plan that works best for you.
  • Meeting via Zoom, phone call or in-person
  • What you can expect if you work with me:
    • Info & materials specific to you
    • Accountability sessions to help you succeed in your nutrition journey
    • E-mail and text support to keep you on your path to success

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