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A.C.T.- Accountability, Consistency, and Teamwork Packages

Nutrition can be confusing. Even when you know how to ‘eat healthily,’ it can be even harder to implement and sustain your long-term nutrition and fitness goals. This is where A.C.T. comes in!

Through 15 years of dietetic practice, I have found that behavior change is a common element that is the most frustrating to clients. Because of this, I created three different packages based on the premise of A.C.T. Each package starts with Teamwork.  With each additional month, another element of A.C.T. comes into play. Depending on where you are in your nutrition and fitness journey, the consistency and accountability pieces come with additional months and sessions. A.C.T. now for your reimagined nutrition plan.   

All sessions include:

  • One-on-one time
  • Hand-outs/websites specific to you and your goals
  • Personalized nutrition plan 
  • E-mail summary for each virtual meeting
  • Unlimited e-mail support while we are working together
  • Actionable items that are specific to your goals

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