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Hi there! Have you been interested in personal nutrition counseling? Have you looked at my website and wondered who I am or what I am like to work with? Well, I get it. Nutrition is a very personal matter for many people, and it usually isn’t just about eating. Our nutrition struggles typically come with many other ‘stuff’; family, work, past experiences, family matters, etc.  

Do you want to hear how I work with my clients and my philosophy on nutrition?  Below are a series of podcast interviews I completed earlier this spring.  There is a general theme to each interview, however, I dive a little deeper into a specific nutrition subject with each interview. So click below and give them a listen.  I have provided a brief overview of each interview so you can start on the topic that interests you the most.  Happy Listening!

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This is a first for me

I have to admit, I had never done a podcast before. It was a little nerve-wracking, but I think I kept it together enough  to provide a good and interesting interview for you to listen too.

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To your health!

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