National Cookie Day – December 4th!

whole wheat chocolate chip cookies

Celebrate National Cookie Day – December 4th! Whole Wheat Crunchy Chewy Salted Chocolate Chunk Cookies Embrace this random cookie holiday National Cookie Day on December 4th is the opportunity to serve up sugary treats! Bakers across the country fire up …

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What To Do With Vegetables

Vegetables and what to do with them

What To Do With Vegetables Embrace the possibilities! Vegetables. The word evokes confusion, misery, and poor taste to many. Yet, it is suggested that we eat them ALL THE TIME! That’s because they provide so many health benefits. Vegetables play …

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Healthy Holiday Travel Tips

Healthy Holiday Travel Tips Don’t stress – there are options! As the holiday season ramps up, traveling increases so that people can see families and friends or simply just get away. Eating while on the road, in an airport, or …

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Healthier Recipes: Faux Cookie Dough Dip​

Healthier Recipes: Faux Cookie Dough Dip Definitely try this at home! Planning ahead for the holiday season should include a plan for survival. As our calendars fill up with festive events, so should our arsenal of healthy meal and dessert …

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New Diet Trends

Diet Trends

  Do you want to go through life always being “on a diet?” Or obsessing that you should be? Diet trends have you feeling confused?  Here’s the deal: Do new diet trends constantly confuse you? Culture bombards us with messages …

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